воскресенье, 27 марта 2016 г.


Everybody knows that our environment today is endangered, but very few people want to know why and how to cope with this problem. Various forms of pollution are happening due to some careless human actions. Littering is one of them. It can lead to water and air pollution, land and soil pollution, and to many other unwanted effects. Litter has become a serious environmental issue nowadays. Of course, the majority of normal people know that littering is a negative thing. However, there are still lots of careless people who continue scattering their trash around. Litter can come in many various forms, starting from simple newspapers and proceeding to poisonous chemicals left from industry. People buy more and more unnecessary things every day, instead of reviving their old things. For example, instead of buying a new pair of shorts, we can simply shorten our old jeans. Or, instead of buying a new plastic bottle of water, we can simply refill the old one. People forget that plastic is highly harmful for the environment. In case they still buy many plastic bottles, they should at least recycle them. Stepping back from personal litter, factories and their owners should be more environment-oriented as well. Every year millions of chemicals are thrown into water and air. Thus, we get dirty seas and oceans, where even fishes die out, and gas polluted air, which is the cause of many health problems. The harm from littering can be prevented only by overcoming human ignorance. When people start reducing their litter, reusing and recycling their everyday items, our planet will become a better place to live.

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